Jones Grupo Seal - Gold Standard - Americonia

Jones Grupo Seal - Gold Standard

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Jones Grupo seal with a ball on its nose began life when it was sculpted by well known Los Angeles artist Rufus T. Morali for the Kunst AmeriCOnia September gallery show in Long Beach, California on currency vs. money and debt in AmeriCOnia. The show offered to help the general public become more aware of the genuine differences of the colors defining United States Treasury seals on their United States money vs. their Bank owned Federal Reserve debt-based notes. The gallery show promoted awareness and featured many examples of United States RED SEAL Notes, 1862-1963. United States BLUE SEAL Silver Certificates, 1878-1957. National Currency BROWN SEAL Notes, 1882-1933. United States YELLOW SEAL Gold Certificates, 1863-1933 and finally Bank owned Federal Reserve debt-based GREEN SEAL Notes, commonly called Greenies, from 1914 - and still in circulation today.

Upon the show’s success, over twenty artists were given blank seals to create their versions of what impressed them about the AmeriCOnia currency vs. money & debt show.  A few are for the first time available for sale. Currently, more than a dozen examples are out being worked on by artists from L.A. to New Zealand to Paris & Prague. Our list is updated periodically as more of these finished pieces arrive.

  • Artist: Purple Jones
  • Material: Gold Flake and Shredded US Currency
  • Height: 6.5
  • Width: 3.5
  • Length: 5.25