About Us

Through objective creativity, we use art as a tool for participation in heightening social conversations regarding the government, corporations and civic issues. We are a collective for artists, arts partners, and humans who want to be more critical in their thinking about our American Republic & Its Constitution.

AmeriCOnia is a  part of Jones Grupo a Southern California artist collective of sculptors, filmmakers, graffiti writers, painters, animators & performance artists who have been collaborating on various multi-media events since 2005.

For six years from April 2007 through March 2013, the collective operated JONES - Kunst AmeriCOnia, an art gallery, and live performance space showcasing new and established nationally known artists in Long Beach, California.

Since 2014 Jones Grupo has continued performing and being involved in various solo and group shows encouraging action through critical thought and civic awareness. Citizens are slowly educating the consumers of The Empire.

Ringmaster Jones