Notes From the Front Lines

Apartment & Factory Floor. Our Daily Bread

Dear Econo Slaves,

Yes, I am one, too. In an effort for us to understand what’s been going on for forty+ years since Our beloved Fuhrer, Bonzo I (aka Ronald W Reagan) was enthroned as the 1st Fuhrer of AmeriCOnia, We, The People must familiarize ourselves with some quick, basic facts. So without taking too much of your time let us begin by separating Facts from FaKe FaCks, FaKe Newz & straight-up propaganda. We hope you verify it all.

Apartment & Factory Floor? (fka: House & Field).  We, the 98% are designed to be Economic Slaves (fka: Workers) at one economic level or another. Until We are all Free, none of Us are Free.  Since the beginning of Human Time. Humans have formed groups/tribes.  With each group  seeking to dominate and subjugate the other for material Gain. Groups growing into Nations. With War being the preferred means for accomplishing the stated goal of subjugation & control.  Republics (if you’re lucky) forming into Nations who then slowly transmogrify into Empires ruled by Elite Oligarchs claiming to be your friends.  All Wars are Wars of Terror, Gain & Subjugation.  War & Terror being legalized and drafted into Law by Empires in order to justify murder, wholesale slaughter & confiscation on a Grand Scale.


We are all complicit. Our comfort makes us so.  Comfortably Numb, cheap bank credit & debt. Consumer excess has made it all happen. Cheap clothing, cheap paper towels, an addiction to cheap Chinese plastic crap makes it seem like we are wealthy beyond our dreams all the while eroding the Middle cl-Ass.  Easy Bank Credit & Home Equity loans make it happen. Bigger fancier cars, huge sectional leather couches, expensive dinners, the shiniest of appliances, tropical vacations on humongous Cruise ships, Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Sign & own. Sign & lease. Sign & consume! Sign yourself into your own Private Idaho, praying to your own Personal Jesus?  Do you work in the fast-food industry, swinging a mop, hospitality, the service sector, putting Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes in to-go bags for the Drive-Thru window in order to make your rent? Still, living at home at 30+? Are you a Team Member, an Ass-ociate perhaps,  Night Shift Assistant- Manager, White Collar individual, exempt from overtime with no health insurance? Are you in a position of receiving compensation from a Corporation, ass to the grind chair?  In a position of being employed by a Corpo-Nation?  Wal(ton)-Mart, Nestle, Bechtel, Haliburton, Exxon, Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Apple, Facebook, the list becoming endless now.  Or, are you Independently wealthy?  A member of the Top 1-2% of Oligargachic Trans-Generational Wealth?  Or, are you, the 98% really just the Econo-Slaves of a new modern era, designing a better mouse turd?  A new System of Economic Slavery? With paper credit & bank charge cards acting as the new payment for economic chattel slavery? A new era of subjugation?

After the American Civil War the Oligarchs, Bankers & the Corporations figured out THEY would begin outsourcing physical slavery. Create a new system of credit slavery, with new Econo-slaves paying for everything.  Their clothing, food, healthcare, their children, insurance, retirement, vacations, banking, gas, heating oil, property taxes, retail taxes, State & Federal taxes ... everything! All the while charging ever-increasing amounts of attached, almost invisible compound bearing interest ... on everything. Over the lifetime of the individual.  Physical chattel slavery had become too expensive. Too burdensome?  Sleeping behind a locked door, with a loaded pistol on the nightstand had run its course.  Couldn’t a System of convict labor rebuild the Southern Slave-ocracy through Jim Crow legal legislation anyway?  Didn’t legal outsourced slavery, offering up an illusion of freedom, make more sense? Apartment or Factory Floor?  The only real difference will be the degree of comfort. Comfortably Numb!


Econo-Slaves, Workers of the World Unite! Save The Republic! Fight the Power! Stop Endless War!

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