Hoarding in AmeriCOnia

Costco, somewhere in California: There's a large, unruly crowd gathering in front of my local Costco waiting to get in fifteen minutes before it's go time.

The doors open everyone begins pushing a giant shopping cart swiftly. Some are running to the meat and seafood section, others rapidly flowing with the tide flowing toward can goods. A middle-aged Latino woman elbows a short elderly Vietnamese woman who's not moving fast enough. A white man, with rough gray stubble on his face, shouts, "Move the fuck outta the way, or I'm comin' thru ya'!" his cart overflowing with toilet paper,  salmon and Bud Lite. The registers ring up what must be a record day. A plump thirtysomething checker joyously retorts, "It's Christmas times ten in March! Our bonus this year will be a monster!"

I'm wondering. Our Nation, America, hasn't been what I would call the same now for a while. When do you think it began to change culturally? When did a Nation of citizens mutate into an Empire of consumers?

Welcome to AmeriCOnia

Hoping to isolate my opinion and distill it into facts, I would like to examine a few historical dates, wondering if I could find some critical points for this change? Unapologetically, without malice or judgment, but by simple comparison, no hyperbole, nothing taken out of order or puffed up to appear more extreme. Just facts and comparisons.

Might we find out how we got here? Might we look at a few facts?

  1. 1619 slavery in America begins
  2. 1831 America produces half the world's cotton
  3. The Southern Plantation is a model for American Capitalism
  4. 1800-1861 Planters sleep behind locked doors, pistols loaded and ready
  5. Brooks-Sumner affair
  6. The compromise of 1877
  7. The Jim Crow Era
  8. JFK assassination
  9. Ford pardons Nixon
  10. Ronald W. Reagan fires PATCO

So we can agree on these facts with a brief end summary.

  1. In 1619 slavery arrives on the shores of the North American continent.
  2. In 1831 with the invention of the Cotton Gin Southern Plantations produce half the world's cotton using "free" slave labor.
  3. "The Lords of the Loom & The Lords of the Lash" Southern Plantation Lords supply cotton to the Northern Lords of the Loom, spinning cotton into wealth, foreshadowing the rise of American factories.
  4. The Master slides closed a massive doubled sized heavy wooden bedroom door he padlocks shut for the night. Two loaded, five-shot Colt Paterson revolvers sit on the night table next to the Master's bed. He and his wife are ready to sleep.
  5. South Carolina Senator Preston Brooks, using a heavy cane, beats Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner within an inch of his life.
  6. 1877, The Newly created Bi-Partisan Electoral Commission allows the Supreme Court, Majority House Democrats and Senate Majority Republicans conspire, denying Democrat Samuel J Tilden the Presidency, and handing it to Rutherford B. Hayes who ends Reconstruction in the South.
  7. The Compromise of 1877 unleashes white terror in the former Confederacy aimed directly at its black, African American population. The Jim Crow era will last more than one hundred years.
  8. Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. 12:30 pm. JFK is assassination. No one knows the facts of JFK's assassination. We do know this. In 1963 there were 16,300 American troops in Viet Nam. Between 1964 and 1967, Johnson increases troop levels in Viet Nam to over 500,000 American troops.
  9. On September 8, 1974, Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. pardoned Richard Milhous Nixon. Ford carries with him a portion of text from a Supreme Court ruling suggesting "the pardon carries an imputation of guilt and that acceptance carries a confession of guilt."
  10. August 5, 1981, Ronald Wilson Reagan fires 11, 345 PATCO

Now we might disagree with how we feel about sure of the facts above, but they are facts. They happened, and our opinion they were seminal moments in how our Nation moved from The American Republic to a hoarding, kleptocratic AmeriCOnia, which is where we are living today.

You see, The Peculiar Institution was and always has been a crime against humanity, a mental disease, a sickness. Racism is more pronounced in the former Confederate States. Racism is throughout AmeriCOnia, but worse below the Mason-Dixon Line. That's just a fact. So is it, because these enslaver haters can't admit the error of bringing slaves to North America, are they still bitter about losing the Civil War? Are they bitter because African Americans have moved on? Angry because the Red States take more financial aid from the Federal Government than most Blue States? Mad because they hate Big Government, but are first in line, hat in hand for pay-outs during hurricane and flood season?

Moving on. Preston Brooks blind-sided Charles Sumner, who was seated at the time, legs crossed under a small desk, beating him with a walking cane, and almost killing him. Southern towns were named for Brooks. His actions celebrated as that of a hero. Brooks's polarizing response helped divide a country already dealing with the divisive issues of slavery.

The Compromise of 1877 set the table for the Jim Crow era. It enabled the former Southern Plantation owners to disenfranchise the former African Americana slaves and denuded the Civil War entirely. The Jim Crow south ushered in bastardized law and led to one hundred more years of "soft slavery." Slavery, by any other name, is slavery itself. Rutherford B. Hayes is one of the AmeriCOnian Founders; his graft and corruption begin the festering crime, which endures today.

Conspiracy theories aside, JFK "s assassination happened. It was a failure of Institutions. It was a systemic failure of the American Government to allow its President to be killed in broad daylight in one of America's largest cities, whoever was behind it meant to shock and traumatize America. There are too many unanswered questions. There is one crucial question to be put forth. Who benefitted from sealing the assassination files for seventy-five years? More than one person killed JFK, and more than one person benefitted from having the assassination files sealed for seventy-five years. AmeriCOnia breathes and is getting stronger.

Gerald Ford pardoned Richard M. Nixon enables Ronald Reagan to have no fear of pursuing Iran-Contra. William Bill Barr, serving as United States Attorney General, under the final months of the George W. Bush presidency, will pardon six convicted felons relating to the Iran-Contra affair. Setting up a continuing pattern enabling Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both wanted by The Hague Tribunal for War crimes, to fear no one, fear no law. The time of The Lawless had become The Rule of the Day in AmeriCOnia.

In October 1947, the President of the Screen Actors Guild, a known FBI informant, Ronald W. Reagan, was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Ronald W. Reagan and Walt Disney are happy to oblige the committee's members naming names and destroying reputations. Ronald W. Reagan, a failed B actor, his career on the ropes from doing his Bonzo movies, will find redemption hosting the weekly General Electric Theatre. Coming into the homes of America makes him a familiar with the freshly minted Post-War consumer generation just as America is turning its sights, and making it known that it will now be Empire! Welcome to AmeriCOnia.

Post Script -

March 2020. The Front Lines of AmeriCOnia.  

Reagan. Clinton, the best Republican President since Eisenhower. Bush I, Bush II & Cheney? Not one held responsible for lawless behavior? Moscow Mitch, breaking the Supreme Court and then the United States Senate?

We are a Nation dumbed-down consumers, addicted to comfort & excess. Folks caught in the net of lost history, excess and unbridled consumerism. Willing to believe opinion and propaganda is the same as truth. We are lost. Sit and think about what we have wrought.

Think about how we have emptied the store shelves, hoarded surgical masks, and hand sanitizer. Consumed the earth and how we have elected five United States presidents with a minority of votes, with the Electoral Slave College deciding the winner.

Think about a racist game show host elected, with a minority of votes, the President of the United States, and you can begin to see "the fix we're in."

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