Herbert Hoover v. The Donald

Herbert Hoover, considered by many to be one of the worst Presidents in United States history, reminds us history repeats itself, and we must be awake and aware of this reoccurrence. Let's take a look at certain similarities between Herbert, the Quaker, and The Donald. Herbert earned his money, unlike The Donald, so we'll give him that one. The Donald has inherited everything he has. After many failed bankruptcies, The Donald was flat broke, his companies struggling, bleeding money.

Herbert Hoover v. The Donald

In the early 2000s, Deutsche Bank rides to the rescue, loaning The Donald and his companies massive sums of money when no other banks on earth would touch him. In more than one way, Deutsche Bank enabled this failed casino operator and steak salesman another chance. If not for Deutsche Bank seeking a high profile person with a checkered past, to help its business expand beyond the European border, The Donald would be a star-studded failure. Seen as a failure of a corrupt, unregulated capitalistic system rather than the imaginary, puffed up, inarticulate empty suit he is. The American electorate can thank Deutsche Bank for enabling The Donald to be who he is, a vapid, egomaniacal, dunderhead with the language skills of a third-grader.

Back to Herbert Hooverville. The Donald and his father kept African Americans from renting their Queens, New York apartment buildings for decades, even though all of these buildings used Post World War II Federal Government loan interest loans for their construction. Hoover's cardboard shacks were a rental dream Fred Trump would have loved. Herbert Hoover dodged stock fraud allegations in the closing days of his association with Bewick Moreing & Co., a London based mining company exploiting Italian immigrant miners in Australia. Hoover's continued success in the world mining industry made him a fortune. The Donald's success in branding properties as a frontman gave his career a boost, too. Hoover promoted holding a line against workers' rights, and unions, his record of environmental havoc in the mining industry is a legend. The Donald, hiring undocumented hotel workers, and dismantling the EPA and the Clean Water Act would make Herbert proud!

Under direction from President Herbert Hoover, Secretary of Labor William N. Doak begins a campaign to outlaw illegal immigrants, starting the forced deportation and repatriation of Mexican-Americans from Southern California to Mexico. Over one million people will be affected; forty percent of those removed are birthright American citizens. Herbert "don't need no wall, Hoover sends Mr. Doak's to send them packing; he doesn't need no stinkin' wall!"

In 1938 Citizen Hoover visited Germany, making an effort to shore up support for Germany in the United States. He meets with Adolf Hitler, staying at Carinhall, Hermann Goring hunting lodge northeast of Berlin. Herbert's opposition to Roosevelt's policies is widely known. Herbert Hoover is advocating a stance of accommodation toward Germany and Japan, even after its 1931 actions in Manchuria. Hoover also opposes the war after Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

The Donald obsequiousness to Autocratic Dictators is well known; his slavish behavior to Vladimir Putin documented on video in Helsinki is a fact. His verbalizing and pretending The Crimea is happier under Russian occupation is undeniable. Did Turkey's Erdogan threaten The Donald with confiscating his Turkish properties when ordering The Donald out of Syria? An act opposed by nearly everyone in the United States military. White, hard right-leaning, possibly racist Nationalist Supreme Court judges, Niel Gorsuch, and accused sex assaulter Bret Kavanaugh appointed to the bench via a broken Senate controlled by the corrupt Senator from Kentucky, Moscow Mitch. These corrupted Supreme Court nominations are one link where President Hoover and The Donald don't repeat. President Hoover nominates southern white racist Judge John J. Parker to the Supreme Court, where he is the first Supreme Court nomination to be defeated since 1896 by a 41-39 vote. This happening when the law in America still had some meaning, some validity. Moscow Mitch broke the United States Supreme Court and the United States Senate. We know who the worst senator in the history of the United States is, and we won't need to take a vote. It is self-evident. Last but not least. The Hoover Administration continued dismissing and firing African Americans from Federal Government appointments started during the Woodrow Wilson administration with Hoover focusing more intently on the Republican Party itself. This policy and his failed attempt to seat Judge John J. Parker on the Supreme Court caused a hemorrhage of black voters that had supported Hoover during his 1928 landslide and moved to the Democratic Party, helping FDR to win the Presidency in 1932. The Donald, his racists' screeds, his rally chants, and his MAGA hats have been here before, too. If not literally, then as the embodiment of another great southern leader, George Corley Wallace.

The Donald, during a news conference on March 19, 2020, tells all Governors, that it is their responsibility to get supplies needed for their people during the Coronavirus Pandemic. He informs them that the government is not a Shipping Clerk.

After the Stock Market Crash on October 29, 1929, President Hoover assumed government intervention would make things worse. He thought that if banks and businesses demonstrated support and refused to be frightened, the market would naturally bounce back.

Many historians believe Hoover miscalculated the severity of the Great Depression. Hoover thought it would get better, but instead, it just kept getting worse. Early on, Hoover attempted to deal with the Depression by encouraging what he called ''volunteerism.'' Volunteerism, per Hoover's description, was a collaboration between the private and public sectors of the economy. For example, a business might partner with a local government or agency to provide relief. Hoover believed Americans should volunteer to help one another.

For many Americans, this was not good enough. Americans were struggling just to survive, and they wanted immediate help in significant ways. As the months and years went by, Hoover increasingly came to be loathed. Shantytown communities made up of shacks came to be known as ''Hoovervilles''. Some cities even had signs reading ''Welcome to Hooverville''.

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