Fox News Their Final Solution

“If you tell someone something long enough, with an authoritative voice, that someone will start to believe anything you tell them.”

That is the quote you must get tattooed on your soul, right after you’re hired to work as a ‘News Host’ for Fox News. In order for such hired people to not jump out a window after every broadcast because the level of culpability they just pontificated was so pandemic that if Jesus existed he would hunt them all down and on a dark night in an alley, and sodomize them with a dildo shaped like dead Roger Ailes. After he makes them stand before him and turn, turn, turn.

The Nazi party used specific propaganda tactics to convince a country that certain factions of humans were so immoral and insignificant that the simple removal of their being would hope spring eternal. The marketing was so effective, that some of it is still believed today. A very effective book that helped Germans get on board was the 1936 Nazi Party Organization Handbook (Organizationsbuch der NSDAP). One of, if not the most influential marketing books in history.

One worthy item about Fox News is that 50% of their audience is over 68 years old, so the decline in viewership is dying off by the thousands each year with younger generations not buying into the fear-mongering. The current viewers have so many common similarities that one could assume a cult-like mentality is inevitable. Most of their viewers are white (99%), believe in a form of Jesus, vote Republican, fear new technology, have a median income and college-level lower than any other news outlet. Essentially, a class of Americans who oppose anything that has to do with the LBGT community, pro-choice or nearly any human-rights issue, except ones that protect against the removal of guns and ammo. A collective group that is so complacent that they defend and vote against their own self-interests; fair wages, equal tax per wealth, medical care, etc.

Fox News Propaganda

The tactics used by the ‘SS’ are very similar to that of Fox News and other media and advertising companies. But it’s Murdoch’s animosity machine that has mastered the art of propaganda –

These 7 propaganda tactics are the basic principles in miss-information. These strategies are not new and have been used by countries and governments for a very long time. The rub comes from a so-called news source whose tagline is ‘Fair and Balanced’ has artfully hypnotized a viewership into believing in what George Orwell wrote about in the book 1984 – What would happen when man did not become aware of the assaults on his personal freedom and did not defend his most precious right, the right to have his own thoughts?

  1. Name-calling: Words include Extremist, Liberal, and Welfare. This is used as a way of disassociating the facts of knowledge, and trust.
    • Instead of finding ways to help a segment of Americans that for hundreds of years have been treated like caged animals get out of the ghettos, since laws that rich white men created because they could no longer own these people and wanted them far from their neighborhoods and social functions, Fox News uses terms like Lazy, Criminals, and Fatherless to distract from the truth, which is why black people have been fucked by this country since day one. Hitler sent the Jews to the ghettos so he could control and use the area as collection points for trips to the camps.
  2. Glittering Generalities: Use poorly defined, emotionally charged words and phrases to stir up feelings of approval, sympathy, and support. These are vague, emotionally attractive words like Homeland (Deutschland), Liberty, Hero, and God. The best use of this is having guests who think within the same reasoning as the news host. By reinforcing the use of certain words people will associate the different things to different people, while still having a positive implication.
    • The Nazi’s did this by using words like Motherhood, Sacrifice and praising women for the good of the community by not shopping in Jewish owned stores.
  3. Transfer: Is a practice used to convey experience and approval. Gaining esteem and worship to something the News Host would have you agree with. This is done simply by projecting the qualities of an object, individual or symbol to another through visual or mental association; a fireman holding a child in front of a burning building, the American flag, or Christian trinkets. All of this is transferred on a screen behind the news host or guest during a rant or interview, it helps awaken emotions.
    • In 1920 Adolf Hitler was appointed chief of propaganda for the National Socialist Party. One of his first tasks was the realization that the party needed a powerful symbol that spotlighted the passion of the German ancestors; Aryans and decided to use a hypnotic symbol, the swastika.
  4. Testimonial: The purpose is to leverage the involvement of so-called experts and gain respect for a person and use it to endorse merchandise or a cause. Testimonials appeal to emotions instead of logic because they generally provide weak explanations for the product or cause.
    • The Nazi party utilized this practice with scientists or more accurately German Science, which was only approved by Hitler. The same went for German Art and anything else that showed ‘experts’ leading the Volk (people) in a better life.
    • Fox News lives by the Testimonial of the ‘Experts’ that they have on as guests will only speak of a better life for the viewers and they have the commercials to back it up; prescription drugs, a wheelchair-scooter paid for by Medicare; which most of the News Hosts see as big government, but they pay the bills, so they look the other way.
  5. Plain Folks: A performance whereby the News Host acts like a regular person, like their target demographic. This creates the illusion of empathy and understanding with the concerns and or feelings of the common people. The hosts may dress like or use vernacular or gestures to reach the audience.
    • Hitler’s goal - Tucker Carlson, Bret Baier, Sean Hannity and the rest of the Fox entertainers will always try and persuade their audiences that they are as the Führer said “Just plain folks among the neighbors.”, which is closer to the truth as Fox News hosts have no real journalistic credentials; neither does MSNBC. The Fox News host will have you believe that they are the referees; their approval is the supreme testimonial.
  6. Card Stacking: A way of influencing audience sensitivities by highlighting one side of an argument which strengthens how the absorbed audience feels. This is done by limiting opposite sentiments.
    • Avoid the absolute facts of a discussion as the one who controls the microphone can cry loudest. This is done time and time again on Fox News. They hire ‘The Merchants of Doubt’ to come in and tell the viewers that Rome is burning and all the while they are sitting pantsless under their desks, diddling themselves to their next book deal or the short skirts the blond female News Hosts wear. Hitler said this very scary quote, “Propaganda does not have to seek objectively for the truth so far as it favors an opponent, but exclusively has to serve our interests.”
  7. Bandwagon: The goal is to sway people to follow an overall trend by emphasizing the human need to be on the winning team. Hosts often suggest to their viewers that they will lose out by not moving with the rest of the crowd, thus preying on their insecurities and fears.
    • Here is a simple statement that Hitler used to move a country into helping kill millions, “Everybody’s doing it!” Fox News is brilliant at keeping a message strewn along from one show to the next all day. If someone has the TV on for hours at a time and each time they come back to watch it for a few moments a certain theme is being talked about again. The viewer must realize it’s something important. Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf said a powerful proclamation that was unfortunately left out of the English translated version. “Hate is more lasting than dislike, and the thrusting power for the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times come less from scientific recognition than from a fanaticism that fills the souls of the masses and in a forward-driving hysteria.” Yes, welcome to KKKhristian AmeriCOnia, welcome to the Mission Statement of Fox News.

Fox News goes deeper into fanaticism than any other media outlet outside of the Chinese or Russian governments. Their viewership is pretty small about 2.4 million viewers. That is more than CNN and MSNBC combined, however. Why do they have much higher numbers than the other news outlets? Well, if 50% of your audience is over 65 years old you by majority get your news from the 6 O’clock news like you have for forty years. If you’re 25 – 50 you most likely get informed from the internet. Fox News understands this and by simple research know that older people will leave the TV on all day while they putter around the house, and usually leave it on one channel. The background noise from the TV gives them a sense of not feeling alone. The information coming at them is live and real and they feel connected and comforted because the targeted commercials are ones they can relate to. Fox News is like elevator music; it keeps you from thinking while alone, it’s a distraction from chaos.

Here are a few more extremely calculated ways Fox News uses propaganda to have you look at the left hand, while the right-hand puts its finger in your ass searches for diamonds. See if you recognize some of these tactics which come from a brilliant article Dr. Cynthia Boaz wrote for Panic Mongering, Character Assassination, Projection, Rewriting History, Scapegoating, Conflating Violence with Power and Opposition to Violence With Weakness, Bullying, Confusion, Populism, Invoking the Christian God, Saturation, Disparaging Education, Guilt by Association, Diversion.

Why am I so bent out of shape from a TV Channel that in theory is just scripted entertainment? Probably the same way fundamentalists be it Christians, Mormons, Muslims, etc. piss me off. Their self-righteous arrogance is the greatest enemy to the sanctity of humanity. The only thing Fox News is missing to be capable of total supremacy is Joseph Goebbels. I’m sure Fox News Corp. has a science lab in Brazil trying to clone him.

I’ll leave you with a quote from George Santayana, “When experience is not retained, as, among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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