AmeriCOnia's Response to David Brooks, New York Times Editorial

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

David Brooks editorial headline in today's New York Times: The Establishment Gets One Last Chance, and its subhead "If Biden fouls this up, we're doomed" had us bent over with laughter. Can we imagine, for a moment, this editorial is from an Edmund Burke fan, David Brooks?

The same, Canadian-American David Brooks, who has puffed, promoted and loved every American war of Imperial expansion he ever met. Criticized Freddie Gray as a young man "who was not on the path of upward mobility." Rushed into defending convicted Iran Contra criminal Scooter Libby, changing views to fit any opinion currently in favor. Unless, of course, it's the Robb-Silberman Report, critical of a war based on the lies of weapons of Mass Destruction, because then David goes to the mat defending the failed policy. Partly raised in New York City's Post War Stuyvesant Village, a middle-class enclave of aspiring elite wannabes, this original William F. Buckley bootlicker and card caring, dyed in the wool Right Winger is suddenly afraid of Trump's possible re-election. Really?

Mr. Brooks has supported every Hard Right policy since Reagan embraced every global conflict in the pipeline. Now, this Neo-David Brooks is scared silly of The Dictator Don? The Orange Cipher Fuhrer? Finally, entirely after forty-plus years of creeping Fascism Light, Mr. Brooks has started thinking, sitting up in bed, wearing his M1A2 tank pajamas holding tightly onto his cocoa, the Orange Judas is finally frightening David "the fallen Socialist" Brooks. Wow, so shocking! He's fine with past generations of crony Capitalism, Cerberus's Hounds of Hades crashing into, breaking countries all over the globe, and the Never-Ending Wars. Oh yeah, that's all okay?

David's kind of misguided fraudulent thinking, his corrupt "revisionist death bed conversion, Man in the High Castle bravado" rings of absolute hypocrisy. Lies coming from a person who has been living very comfortably above his pay grade for a good long time, spinning yarns of prevarication, trumpeting success, and materialism of America's New Century Gilded Age. Loving every corrupted Republican policy crossing over the threshold … but now? Now it's up to "Sleepy Joe, The Clintonian" to save The Republic from destruction? Save Our Dear weakened, toothless, corrupted Republic. Joe's cavalry riding in to save Her! This is Our One Last Chance! David Brooks is a fraud. Mr. Brooks reminds us of someone who would be willing to rewrite the history of WWII… if it might be in his best interest.

David, we believe you are one of those good men who have been willing to do nothing. The ones Mr. Burke warned us about.

Oh, you & The Tangerine Toddler!

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